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Banditos Incorporated

ROCKMOUNT Standard Wall Insert Kit – Fractional/Fine

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A selection of kits containing various quantities of standard wall inserts in fractional sizing – fine threads only. These kits will set you up with an ideal baseline assortment of insert sizes, so you can be prepared to tackle your next stripped thread repair.

Our self-locking, case hardened threaded inserts provide high-quality, permanent, wear-resistant internal threads and are designed to be installed in molded or drilled holes in one simple step. They are cylindrical, metal bushings with features on the outside that anchor them into a plastic or metal base material, and provide a fast and inexpensive way to solve all your stripped thread needs.

For further information including installations steps and drill bit size selction 


Highly Resistant To Pull-Out
Effective In High Vibration Applications
Self Tapping / Self-Locking
Permanent, Wear-Resistant Threads
Salvage or Repair Expensive Castings and Moldings
Easy To Install In A Drilled or Molded Hole
Available In Two Wall Thickness: Standard and Thin
Can Be Used In All Metals and Plastics
Greater clamping pressure in softer materials, provides higher strength, and better seals.