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BRUTUS A, 1/8 (1LB/PK)


Universal alloy for welding dissimilar steels and broken bolt extraction. Can be used on all categories of steel including tool, high alloy, nickel alloy, stainless, manganese and cast steels.

Brutus A is for the maintenance welder who often does not know the type of steel he is welding or must weld dissimilar steels. Brutus A is easy to weld in all positions and produces sound super-strength yet ductile welds. These fully machinable deposits have no hard spots. In many cases the maintenance welder is unable to weld on both sides of the joint. In these circumstances the use of Brutus A with its superior strength and ductility is essential.

Excellent for use on tools, dies, pressure vessels, springs, stainless steels and dissimilar combinations. Ideal to build up shafting, agitator blades and for use on construction and mining equipment. 


Superior Strength 125,000 psi
Easy To Use In All Positions
Wear and Shock Resistant
Prevents Undercutting
35% Elongation (Ductile)
Low Heat Requirements
Excellent Corrosion Resistance
No Spatter
Ideal For Dissimilar Steels
Use For Broken Stud Extraction