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Banditos Incorporated


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They said that it couldn't be done, they said that it would never work, they said -  don't waste your time!  Well Fronius thought otherwise and is proud to introduce the world's first cordless welder! 

With the AccuPocket 150 lithium-ion battery powered stick welding machine access to electricity is no longer necessary. No more cables, generators or trucks! Welding tasks involving up to eight 1/8" or up to eighteen 3/32" electrodes can be carried out anywhere, any time without any restrictions on welding power or quality of arc.  For welding applications requiring more run time, the AccuPocket can be plugged into a 120V source and operated just like any other stick welding machine, even if the battery is dead!  Charging can also be done incredibly fast, with 80% charge possible in 30 minutes. With its small dimensions, low weight and robust construction, the AccuPocket is the perfect welding machine for any service job, field work or mobile repair.