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Banditos Incorporated

Blue Demon True View ADF

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TRUE VIEW 3395 - Available in shade 10 or 11

  • AUTO-DARKENING FILTER: Variable shade welding hood filter auto darkens for hands-free operation to protect your face from bright light and intense arcs
  • TRUE COLOR TECHNOLOGY: Optical clarity 1/1/1/2 with true color technology shows your projects without tint, blurriness, or distortion
  • LARGE VIEWING PANE: Fits most welding hoods with a 2 by 4.25-inch cartridge or lens; creates a 97 by 35-millimeter viewing area
  • DELAY TIME: 0.2 to 0.4-millisecond reaction time saves you from eye fatigue; adjust from shade 3 to 11; 3 DNI light state rating
  • SOLAR-POWERED: Rechargeable battery ensures many years of reliable operation, ready to function regardless of your project